Our expert engineers are dedicated to delivering rapid development and prototyping, ensuring high-quality cooling, enclosures, powering, and energy systems for your unique requirements. We prioritize sustainability, reducing waste and harmful substances at every step.

Our in-house testing chambers simulate various climate conditions, guaranteeing the performance, efficiency, and reliability of our products and solutions.

With a global network of service partners and local service programs, we provide on-site and remote support tailored to your operational excellence. Our logistics and distribution expertise ensure prompt, efficient, and secure product shipments.

Our services

1. Rapid development

Our journey is about the creation of cooling, enclosures, power, and energy systems, designed with complete focus on your needs.

Why? Because to us, engineering isn’t just what we do; it’s a passion woven into the fabric of our work.

The outcome? Systems meticulously crafted to operate. They run seamlessly on any power source, find their place in any setting, and can be deployed at any moment.

2. Simulation & Testing

Our in-house simulation and testing take center stage.

This isn’t just a formality; it’s a process dedicated to ensuring the effectiveness of our solutions.

Reliability is not just a promise; it’s a result of our commitment to rigorous testing.

We leave no scenario unexplored, making certain that our solutions stand strong and perform in every deployment.


A service and support program created as a profession and a promise to you.

We’ve etched our aim into the very fabric of this initiative: to provide unparalleled solutions tailored precisely for your needs.

What’s the result? A program built to run, on-site or through remote channels.

4. local service program

We’ve always aimed for excellence, and that commitment echoes into our local in-field service programs.

The outcome?
A service program designed to run on a local scale. We strive towards ensuring our solutions adapt and your systems operate smoothly.


5. Logistics & Distribution

With more than 15 years of logistics expertise, our commitment to punctuality is unwavering. Global and local distribution is a strategic advantage we bring to the table.

Our extensive experience ensures that your deliveries arrive promptly – optimizing efficiency at every step.


From completely custom made, created with you – according to your needs and standards – to off-the-shelf standardised products that can be deployed fast and in bulk.

We partner with you as a client, to make sure that you get what you need, when you need it, how you need it.

Our experience lets us act as advisor and our solutions have been tested in the harshest environments on the globe.

Use our experience to get a better solution on the ground.



We specialise in three main product categories: cooling, powering, and protection.

Each product category has been developed with real-life, on-the-ground cases as the off-set. That means that our products have been tested from day 1.

The result is, among other things;

Cooling products that are among the most reliable and energy-efficient,

powering products that ensure a high degree of safety and advanced control,

— and protection products that are built to last in any environment.

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