Internet of Things


The impact of the Internet has changed everything dramatically. The next generation Internet is called:


IoT - Internet of Things


IIot - Industrial Internet of Things


IoT/IIoT is a quiet revolution and it completely changes the picture and changes the way people work.


First we have to let go of that image of devices and gadgets chatting amiably because the IoT world will have so much data coming in from so many sources that the challenge will be in making any sense of it at all and there’s a need for local control and a high level of security.


We can get data/information from everything instantly and often before it happens.


Virtually every animate and inanimate object on Earth could be generating and transmitting data, including our homes, our cars, our farm cattle, our natural and man-made environments, and yes, even our bodies. It will all be linked to intelligent infrastructure.


Most VIKINOR products are prepared with endless sensors so users can get any data about our products constantly. Is the compressor shaking more than normal, are fans giving less airflow, are temperatures changing abnormally, is power supply to high or low, etc.


VIKINOR don't go to customers and end-users and talk about internet-of-things. We talk about benefits.






VIKINOR is involved in many projects among other telecom, data centers, government safe cities projects, traffic control, etc.


VIKINOR's product program consists of standard, modified and customized products. Products are being prepared for IoT connection.


  • Telecom projects for East Africa.
  • Energy-optimized upgrade of telecom shelters from AC to DC powered cooling
  • Traffic control project for Middle East
  • Safe Cities projects in Middle East
  • Data Centers racks with cooling project
  • Managed services: Energy effeciency programs for operators and tower companies


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VIKINOR is an international company with roots from Denmark.


Products are widely used for protection of critical infrastructure.