Within cooling you will find a wide range of solutions

We aim to set the standard for energy-effective cooling solutions.
Whether it is active cooling, passive cooling, ventilation, heating, or air filtration.

Our design and manufacturing processes have been designed to ensure top performance, in the full product lifetime.

With our modular approach you can have seamless product configuration or customization. This means that the solution we provide aligns with your specific installation and environmental conditions.

Our commitment extends to investigating, testing, and creating environmentally friendly technologies and refrigerants. We hope that what little we can do contributes to a more sustainable future.

Series within cooling

VAK DC SLIM Air Conditioner Series – DC – Slim Model
VAS AD SPLIT Air Conditioner Series – AC/DC – Split Model
VAS DC SPLIT Air Conditioner Series – DC – Split Model
VAK AC SLIM Air Conditioner Series – AC – Slim Model
VAK AC NARROW Air Conditioner Series – AC – Narrow Model
VAF DC SLIM Air Conditioner Series with economizer – DC – Slim Model
VFC DC SLIM Free Cooling Unit Series – DC – Slim Model
VHC AC SLIM Heat Exchanger Series – Cross Flow – AC – Slim Model
VHC DC SLIM Heat Exchanger Series – Cross Flow – DC – Slim Model
VHT AC SLIM Heat Exchanger Series – Thermosiphon – AC – Slim Model
VHT DC SLIM Heat Exchanger Series – Thermosiphon – DC – Slim Model
VHX AC SLIM Heat Exchanger Series – Counter Flow – AC – Slim Model
VHX DC SLIM Heat Exchanger Series – Counter Flow – DC – Slim Model
VRH DC RACK Heater Module – DC – Rack-Mounted Model

Take a look at our powering

Powering products built to withstand surges, drop-outs, and everything else your deployment environment can throw at them.

Or our protection

From sheltering from the storm, to keeping a look out for intruders, our protection products are built rugged, lasting, and capable.


From completely custom made, created with you – according to your needs and standards – to off-the-shelf standardised products that can be deployed fast and in bulk.

We partner with you as a client, to make sure that you get what you need, when you need it, how you need it.

Our experience lets us act as advisor and our solutions have been tested in the harshest environments on the globe.

Use our experience to get a better solution on the ground.


At the center of our commitment is the creation of products tailored to your needs — whether you seek a comprehensive solution, a specific add-on or one of our standard products, we’ve got you covered.

Our expertise spans a multitude of sectors — communication, security, industrial, mobility, and energy — showcasing our dedication to various industries, with a readiness to explore new opportunities.

For us, it’s more than just business;

it’s about accountability, fostering long-term growth, and building sustainable relationships.

This commitment drives us to deliver services meticulously tailored to meet your ever-evolving needs.

Because to us, providing the best service for you isn’t just a job — it’s a passion.


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