Safe Cities


Inflated populations in the inner cities result in crime, vandalism and could be targets for terrorism. This directly impacts the community′s economic, political and personal well being.

The Safe City is a concept for returning security, safety and quality of life to today’s complex cities through the use of technology, infrastructure, personnel and processes.

The Safe City concept can be applied to cities, towns, industrial parks, college campuses, or any other physical environment where people require a safe, comfortable environment.

The use of  broadband will ensure public-safety agencies have access to real-time information, along with required levels of network control, reliability, security and optimum performance at the core of their mission-critical public-safety network.

VIKINOR's  protection of critical infrastructure together with power distribution and installation of critical parts  help the cities to become more safe.

Example on Safe Cities projects:

Integrated solution for pole-mounted surveillance system with integrated, high-resolution cameras. Integrated with solution for remote communication and monitoring.

Enclosure solution based on light-weight VOB enclosure made in aluminum and with sun-roof with convection cooling for reduced solar gain.

Installed in regions with extreme ambient temperatures up to 55-60˚C ambient temperatures. Cameras based on customer specific request.


VIKINOR is involved in many projects among other telecom, data centers, government safe cities projects, traffic control, etc.

VIKINOR's product program consists of standard, modified and customized products.  Products are being prepared for IoT connection.

  • Telecom projects for East Africa.
  • Energy-optimized upgrade of telecom shelters from AC to DC powered cooling
  • Traffic control project for Middle East
  • Safe Cities projects in Middle East
  • Data Centers racks with cooling project