As subscribers interest for the ever-increasing array of broadband services as  voice, video and data electronics grows,  more and more sophisticated electronic equipment is being deployed and protected in the  outside plants closer to subscribers.

People and machines all over the world depend increasingly  on these services every day. And the data they generate is predicted to grow  10 times over  the next five years.

Old telecom base stations are upgraded and need equipment that can handle the ever- increasing data; equipment is moved into outdoor plants.

Vikinor helps keeping telecommunications and  data networking systems up and running and Vikinor has a broad range of equipment for outdoorization - smart energy-efficient solutions protecting data storage and IT infrastructure outdoor. Key for Vikinor is to create a cool, dry and secure environment for all electronics; and monitored if needed.

Outdoorization Projects and Examples:

Telecom Power Installations:

Outdoor enclosure solution with AC-powered air conditioner as main cooling system and DC-powered fan-cooling as back-up cooling.

One project location is e.g. in West Africa with extreme temperatures and solar radiation - using thermally insulated TSI enclosure with sun-roof with build-in convection cooling for reduced solar gain.

Space for 19" rack mounted solar inverters and for 2 strings VRLA batteries.

Outdoor climate shield for telecom site power system:

Focus was quick deployment sites and with outdoor climate shield delivered as flat-pack for on-site assembly

Customized solution to fit for both 12V and 2V VRLA batteries and with mounting rack for outdoor control box installation.  Single-layer design with inside thermal insulation.

Solar installations across Africa:

Outdoor power cabinet with installation of solar inverters.

Compact OPS-14 enclosure for wall mounting with inside thermal insulation. Configured with cooling system depending on project location, either free-cooling, heat exchanger cooling or air conditioner cooling.

Free-cooling in areas with ambient air with low content of dust and particles; and for cooler areas.

Heat exchanger cooling in areas with more dust and particles in ambient air, and for cooler areas.

Air conditioner cooler in either AC- or DC-powered version for locations with higher ambient temperatures

Inside 19" rack mounting.

Telecom site power outdoor enclosure:

Enclosure with space for 4 full-size battery banks.  Two cooling system, main cooling system with energy-effective DC-powered air conditioner, and DC-powered free-cooling when ambient temperatures allows for free-cooling.

Integrated power distribution and enclosure functionality with alarms and condition monitoring.

TSP enclosure series with low heat gain and solar gain from surrounding environment with sun-roof and with cabinet walls for convection cooling.

Optimized controls functionality and remote monitoring for optimized operation of the enclosure system and minimum power consumption.

Outdoor enclosure solution with integrated power distribution:

High-effective DC-powered 3 kW air conditioner cooling with high-capacity communication enclosure. Located  in extreme hot environment with up to 60˚C ambient cabinet monitoring with alarms and condition monitoring.

TSI enclosure with thermally insulated walls, sun-roof with convection cooling, with 27U x 19" inside mounting rack.

Enclosure configured with standard aluzinc cabinet structure and aluminum walls for light-weight construction and increased corrosion resistance. Include remote communication solution.


VIKINOR is involved in many projects among other telecom, data centers, government safe cities projects, traffic control, etc.

VIKINOR's product program consists of standard, modified and customized products.  Products are being prepared for IoT connection.

  • Telecom projects for East Africa.
  • Energy-optimized upgrade of telecom shelters from AC to DC powered cooling
  • Traffic control project for Middle East
  • Safe Cities projects in Middle East
  • Data Centers racks with cooling project
  • Managed services: Energy effeciency programs for operators and tower companies