Energy Storage


Infrastructure systems are operating 24 / 7 / 365 and operation must be without any disturbances and interruptions.

The systems are exposed to a high degree of variation related to the usage of the systems during the daily, weekly, seasonal and annual cycle. Systems are often designed to handle maximum capacity and operate at the most extreme conditions. Power consumption for operating the infrastructure systems are also highly cyclic, and a way to improve operating efficiency is to balance load over the daily cycle, and Vikinor offers energy and thermal storage solutions for improving the operating efficiency and thereby operating cost.

In some markets there is further a variation of electricity cost during the daily cycle, and it can improve operating efficiency to increase load during night hours and reduce load during peak hours on the electrical grid. Introducing thermal storage systems, passive cooling containers and battery storage systems are ways to improve operating efficiency by harvesting energy at a lower cost, store the energy and use it during peak hours and when the energy cost is at its highest.

Introducing energy storage systems are a way to optimize system operating, optimize system design and improving total cost of ownership during the products' lifecycle.

Combined energy and thermal  storage TSI enclosure

Thermal storage


VIKINOR is involved in many projects among other telecom, data centers, government safe cities projects, traffic control, etc.

VIKINOR's product program consists of standard, modified and customized products.  Products are being prepared for IoT connection.

  • Telecom projects for East Africa.
  • Energy-optimized upgrade of telecom shelters from AC to DC powered cooling
  • Traffic control project for Middle East
  • Safe Cities projects in Middle East
  • Data Centers racks with cooling project