Power Distribution


Safe, effective and reliable power distribution to all systems and components in the infrastructure systems is essential.

Site layout, enclosure system layout and product designs are made to ensure all parts are located in a secure place with proper protection.


Protection needs to secure that equipment are not exposed to short-circuit surges, lightning surges, being overloaded, being exposed to under- or over-voltage through the entire power distribution chain from incoming power or power generated on a site location and until the final power consuming component. At at all time electrical safety and operation reliability must be ensured.


Power consumption is in focus for ensuring an efficient infrastructure operation, while also to ensure a reliable operation, minimize power conversion and power distribution losses.


Remote monitoring and power management solutions are often introduced to closely manage the operation, and also to have instant early warnings and detection when components begin to operate abnormally and before they stop functioning and therebyimpacting the overall system operation.


Power distribution systems for sites and enclosure systems can therefore be integrated with functionality for power management, web-based monitoring, electrical safety and protection functionality.


Standard and customized power distribution solutions are made for both site power distribution and enclosure power distribution systems.





Vikinor enclosure and cooling unit protecting critical infrastructure: telecom equipment including power and lithium battery system




VIKINOR is involved in many projects among other telecom, data centers, government safe cities projects, traffic control, etc.


VIKINOR's product program consists of standard, modified and customized products. Products are being prepared for IoT connection.



  • Telecom projects for East Africa.
  • Energy-optimized upgrade of telecom shelters from AC to DC powered cooling
  • Traffic control project for Middle East
  • Safe Cities projects in Middle East
  • Data Centers racks with cooling project


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VIKINOR is an international company with roots from Denmark.


Products are widely used for protection of critical infrastructure.