Free-Cooling Series


The VIKINOR’s series of free-cooling products takes free-cooling to the next level and provides effective cooling of enclosures and shelters / containers with an competitive OPEX and TCO for the products.


The VIKINOR free-cooling products are designed as a split-system and operates with over-pressure of the shelter / container, while systems based on under-pressure operation are available upon request. The products are often deployed is rural and demanding environments and are as standard designed for high corrosion resistance and durability.


The VFC free-cooling system is in most climate conditions adequate as the sole cooling solution for a telecom shelter; in warmer environments the free-cooling system is frequently combined with one or two air conditioners, and in colder environments it is often combined with heating. In hot environments the VFC free-cooling system can be combined with a VCS climate shield and provide a very effective cooling solution in terms of OPEX providing for low power consumption.


The free-cooling systems are equipped with an advanced control system with numerous features and comprehensive functionality incorporated ensuring maximum filter lifetime, maximum reliability under various operating conditions and power failure conditions. The control system is equipped with communication interface enabling the VFC free-cooling system to function as the site temperature control system and be integrated into remote management systems.



  • Telecom base stations, shelters and containers
  • Modular data centers
  • Network and computer rooms


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VIKINOR free cooling unit protecting critical infrastructure



The series of VIKINOR's VFC free-cooling products is designed for cooling of telecom shelters and containers in the most energy-effective manner and is equipped with a comprehensive control system for optimal site temperature control, product operations and remote management.


The product is designed with a high degree of modularity and is as standard provided as an outside wall-mounting product, and alternative options are available for mounting and air-flow configuration to accommodate for various environmental conditions i.e. temperature, snow, dust, rain, humidity etc.


Technical highlights:


Cooling capacity: From 350 W/K (194 W/F) to 900 W/K

(500 W/F)


Ambient temp. range: From -40°C (-40 F) to 55°C (131 F)


Power supply: DC (48VDC)


Filter system: Pre-filter (G2) and main filter (G4)


Mounting: Standard as outside mounted, optional

as inside mounted


Certification: UL / cUL / NEMA 3R standards


Options: Remote management via MODBUS

or Ethernet IP via GPRS; higher grade



Controls: The VFC control system provides a

comprehensive set of operational

characteristics, functionalities and

feature for remote management

solutions. The controls is based on

four main operating modes i.e. auto

cooling, emergency cooling, energy

saving, comfort and can further

control external modules such as air

conditioners, motorized dampers,

heaters. Please consult your Vikinor

expert for a complete product



Please refer to technical documentation for product details or contact VIKINOR.





VIKINOR is involved in many projects among other telecom, data centers, government safe cities projects, traffic control, etc.


VIKINOR's product program consist of standard, modified and customized products. Products are being prepared for IoT connection.



  • Telecom projects for East Africa.
  • Energy-optimized upgrade of telecom shelters from AC to DC powered cooling
  • Traffic control project for Middle East
  • Safe Cities projects in Middle East
  • Data Centers racks with cooling project


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VIKINOR is an international company with roots from Denmark.


Products are widely used for protection of critical infrastructure.